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5 - Doubles Tournaments

5.1 - Entry Lists

Entry lists are organized lists; they include all doubles teams who are subscribed to a specific tournament.
Entry lists organization is based on:
- Sum of the Entry Ranking Points of the team or of the single player, in case of incorrect team (decreasing order)
- Last date of choice of the team or of the single player, in case of incorrect team (increasing order)

Tournament Admission
To be admitted to the tournament the team Entry list ranking must be lower than - or same as - the maximum amount of teams in the doubles draws.

Partner choice
Team properly submitted (Partners invited each other) are admitted to the Entry List.
Who made a team, and has no partner, could participate too and will be coupled with the following methods:
1°: The fantasy player will play with the chosen partner, if that player made the team but has invited another player who can't play with.
2°: The fantasy player will play with the next player on the Double Entry List.

Fantasy Player changes of placement
Once subscription period has expired, it is possible that the tournament chosen by the fantatennis player can change.
It could happen in these cases:
- Tournament could not reach the minimum fee (half board + 1)
- Fantasy player is not (included) on the Entry list
- Fantasy player can play doubles on another tournament

Tournaments will be organized in order to let every fantatennis player play singles or –if possible- doubles that week. It's not possible to change the placement of a fantasy player registered in an ATP tournament to a challenger or a futures.
Moreover, for the double change of placement, couples already formed at submission closure, will have priority on the others one, made by Webmaster, whatever their position on the double Entry List.

5.2 - Draws

Draws are extracted according to ATP standards.
- Seeding arrangement: See ATP Rule Book (Chapter 7.16, Page 30-31)
- Other Teams: other players are randomly placed on the draws.
- Bye: is provided to seeded teams in the case the difference between maximum amount and actual amount of teams is larger than (or same as) that team seeding number.
If the amount of teams is less than ¾ of the board, other teams can randomly get a bye too.

5.3 - Round Scores - NEW!

Round scores set provide matches results; they derive from the total obtained by tennis players in all the 12 ranges (6 from Player 1, 6 from Player 2).
Unlike ranking scores (which will be given at the end of the tournament), round scores are the same for every kind of tournament – from Grand Slam to Future.

In every round, winners and losers tennis players get scores this way:
- Winners add to their scores the difference between (the number of) tennis player’s won games; example:
Bjorkman wins his semifinal match (70). The score is 62 76 (6-2 = 4, 7-6 = 1, 4 + 1 = 5). Total score will be 75 (70 + 5).
If the difference is negative, there are no additional scores.
- Losers get only losing game scores; these scores are worth about 1/5 of winner’s scores.

Super Tie-Break
Games difference in super-tie break is calculated in a different way:
- From 10-0 to 10-3: +3 points
- From 10-4 to 10-7: +2 points
- From 10-8: +1 points

Points Table 2018
Points Table

5.4 - Matches

Hypertennis matches are split by sets. To win a match you need to win 2 sets (Best of 3 Sets)
Set scores are achieved from 6 ranges sum, or every ranges sum (If it's the third set)..

1st Set
- Range 1 + Range 3 + Range 5 (Player 1) + Range 2 + Range 4 + Range 6 (Player 2)
2nd Set
- Range 2 + Range 4 + Range 6 (Player 1) + Range 1 + Range 3 + Range 5 (Player 2)
3rd Set
- Sum of the 12 tennis players

Set scores will be calculated with proportions of the totals, that will render similar to the score of a tennis match.

Set Tied
- Total Bonus: Total bonus is the sum of the scores achieved in a set in the previous matches.
It's the first circumstance used in case of scores tie. The team with the best total bonus wins the set.
- Time Bonus: Time bonus is the circumstance in case of total bonus tie (Then the first circumstance used in the first round).
The Team that chosen the players first wins the set.

Special Cases
- Bye: Tennis player with a bye, takes only the points of the round (See 4.3).
- Walkover: The score will be a double (triple in the GS) 6-4 for the tennis player that wins the match.
- Undisputed Set: Like Walkover Case the score will be a 6-4.
- Unfinished Set: There are 3 score cases:
- 7-6: If the retire happens on 6-6.
- 6-4: If the retire happens when games difference betweens players is less than two.
- Unfinished tournament: In this case, tennis players still in the tournament will be considered losers in the Round following the last played.

5.5 - Challenger with staggered draw

Some weeks, like the Grand Slam and Masters 1000 ones, challengers will have a smaller draw than the main tournament.
In this case the matches of the first round of the challenger, will have already the total bonus achieved from the previous rounds.

5.6 - Withdrawals, Substitions and Lucky Looser - NEW!

In the event that a player chosen in the first round and give forfait is replaced by a LL in the draw, the LL will come in place of the retired as a valid choose for the duration of the tournament. The LL replacement will be managed only by the official PDF file of the ATP website. In the case of more than one LL and not clearly associated to the retired players, it will be considered the printed order in the official PDF file, associating it to the order of the free slots in the draw.